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BIO SPARKLE Water - Made in Japan - 100% ORIGINAL - 250ML

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** If your storing place Bio Sparkle is not cool / dry / away from Sunlight, DO STORE / KEEP open or unopenned bottle of BIO SPARKLE in FRIDGE**

Tired of those heavy tear stains, saliva stains, on-going skin issue with continuous strong steroids, yeast infections, bacteria infection on skin and ear? 

WE HAVE Natural Solution from JAPAN, imported for your furkids
Available in Singapore and Indonesia 

Bio Sparkle is ALKALINE RESISTANT using Phytosynthesis technology bacteria 

Generated from sunlight to produce good live-bacteria, which help skin problem pets (dogs & cats) which are infected by bacteria, yeast, and even able to coat their furs to prevent future stains. 

1. Skin issues due to bacterial infections, yeast, ringworms, and persistant environmental allergies. 
2. Ear infections on puppy, kitten, adult & senior dog and cats.
3. Odor removal on beddings, cat pee trays
4. Lighten and removal of stains due to tear stained, saliva stains
5. Clean up paw and private after after walk, meal and after pee and poo

How to use? 
Bio Sparkle helps to re-generate new skin cells and also able to coat fur and skin against bad bacteria that cause all those problem. 
The key is : you need to be very consistant to clean and spray daily 

1. Spray bio water generously on the coat to remove bad bacteria/stains/oils from skin. 
2. Rub gently on skin and fur coat to make sure water is absorb evenly. 
3. Use clean white tissue or a cotton patch or towel to clean away dirty particles and stains. 
4. Spray it with Bio Sparkle water again for coating and leave it in for 15 to 20min. 
5. Blow it dry thoroughly with cold / warm air.

For hotspot / bacteria infection / fungal infection: Any part of the body that have hotspot or any bacteria or fungal infection, you can use spray on it and leave it .

For ear cleaning for ear infection prevention / cure ear infections, do ensure you are well-trained to flush the water out from the ear, else, do use cotton pads to clean up gently and dry accordingly. Do ask your groomers help if necessary. 

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