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G-Natural - Easy Rinse Pet Dish Foam ( 350ML / Refill 1L )

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Have you ever wondered what is that layer of slime in your pet's water bowl? 

No, it is not saliva. It is bacteria biofilm 

Why is biofilm dangerous? 

Listeria, Escherichia Coli and Legionella Pneumophila are all bacteria that call biofilm home. 

If the water bowl isn’t cleaned, this bad bacteria will reproduce and their water will become contaminated. Bad biofilms have been linked to urinary tract infections (UTIs), bladder infections, middle-ear infections, and more. 

Product Description 

Water-based formula for easy rinsing. Created to remove biofilm effectively.  

Do not use on oily surfaces. *Note: Color varies between colorless to light yellow 

How to use

Pump a generous amount of dish foam on non-oily bowls. Rub off slimy biofilm for about a minute.  

Avoid using sponge. Rinse well 


Electrolyzed water and Natural Plant-based soap 

Formulated and Produced by G-Natural in Singapore

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