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GiGwi Pet toys (Rolling Bell, Jumball, Owl)

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Rolling Bell:
Oddly shaped chew ball
Provides unpredictable, randomized movements
Features a noise-making bell
Keeps dogs alert and agile
Made with a durable double structure
Is your canine companion getting bored with run of the mill toys? Well the Gigwi Rolling Bell Ball is a unique, oddly shaped chew ball that sports an enticing noise-making internal bell. The inconsistent design of the ball results in unpredictable, randomized movements that keep your dog alert and agile while tapping into their natural prey drive. Ridges, bumps and textures on the ball also contribute to improved dental health by cleaning and strengthening dog’s teeth. The durable, double-structure of the ball can withstand tough chewing, gnawing and general play time activities. The ball is 3″ in size.

The Gigwi Jumball is ideal for dogs who love to run around outside and burn off their energy. The large ball is colored black and white for high visibility and features a durable rubber handle on top. Even with the handle, you can still throw, bounce or kick the ball anywhere you like; the handle just makes it significantly easier for your four legged friend to retrieve and bring back to you. Great for wide open spaces so both you and your dog have the room to fully enjoy the versatility of the Gigwi Jumball.
GiGwi Push to Mute Owl :
GiGwi Owl is designed like two medium and large size balls connected together,what makes it perfect for both medium and large dogs.

Push to Mute - gives you the choice of squeak or quiet mode
Made from Thermoplastic rubber
Designed to exude multi-sensory appeal
High quality nylon strap - allows you to throw the toy far
Perfect for a game of fetch at the park
Squeak or optional quiet mode; cute animal appearance

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