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Pupeederm - Pet Grooming Tablets - Spa

PupeeDerm Care Soda Spa product. 
9tabs / pack.
Main Function:
  • Cleansing pet skin pores by using carbonated technology to elevate the dead skin cell & dandruff.
  • The Microbubble created from the carbonated bubble able to reach to clean up difficult areas like inners paw, in between armpits, thick fur area. Help to clear paw licker.
  • Cleansing oily & dirty skin & fur can help to reduce pet body odours within 1x use.

Just soak for 10-15 minutes after shower. 
No need to wash. 
Wipe and blow your hair right away.
1 Tablet per 5L water for <3kg dogs. 
Best if use when pet is 1/2 soaked for 15mins.

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