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Small Batch Freeze Dried Sliders for Dog Food 14oz

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We tend to use only free-range, pasture-raised meats that are still free of hormones and antibiotics. Our products are 100% certified organic and our supplements are clean, organic and unrefined at all times. No HPP (high pressure pasteurization), always 100% raw, as planned by default.

We are 100 percent raw as well! We do not sterilise, pasteurize, or irradiate any of our formulations for this purpose. Also, a synthetic vitamin pack we never add. The way nature intended, we offer raw nutrition.

Freeze Dried Dog Food for Smallbatch Chicken Batch Sliders is 88% chicken, 10% produce, 2% supplements.


Good Immune System: Animals that consume a raw food diet are more resistant to viruses, bacteria and parasites and have improved vitality overall.
Healthier Stools: There are more bio-available components in raw foods, which means you can pick up firmer, smaller, less-stinky stools.
Healthier Skin & Coat: There is fluffy, shiny fur for pets fed a raw diet. Reduced shedding and less cats' hairballs... rejoice!
Healthier Teeth & Gums: Raw bones are nature’s toothbrush
Healthier Digestive Tract: Natural enzymes in raw food help aid digestion
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